High and … and … Oh what were they thinking?

I hate it when I think the previous week was bad and then they come up with something worse. Project Runway does stilts? ick

I didn’t particularly like any of the outfits. I can’t say they have practical application in real life. And I agree with other PR bloggers who said the stilt walkers had little grace walking down the runway. It is what it is, so we’ll go with it.

For me, this challenge was all about creating garments with proper proportions. By far, Becky and Kimberly did the best job in that regard. Having the jacket hit below the hip made all the difference. Even though I’m not that thrilled by A-symmetrical jackets in general, I have to admit it brings the needed length to the look. And no Mr. Kors, I don’t think I want that tattoo to go with the jacket. yikes!

I actually love their pants – especially the bedazzles on the front, despite the fact that’s not a look I typically go for. I’m a sucker for wide legs, but I’m not sure if they look good on me. (I’ve never had a pair to try on. It’s on my project list…)

To be sure, Cecilia and Danielle can work chiffon. I’m almost jealous. The drape and flow of the pants are spectacular. I love the jeweled collar too. The proportions aren’t dead on, but they are close enough to work. If I had to pick a look that I would wear, this would be it.

While I love the red and the way their skirt moved on the runway, I don’t think Laura and Anthony Ryan had the best design or deserved the win. I thought the bodice made her look unflatteringly large, with painfully big, um, well, female bumps. (See my comments about ruching from last week. Totally applicable here.)

If it were up to me, I would have probably given the win to Kimberly and Becky.

Other Favorites: Fallene’s hair piece. Gorgeous! Maybe she should go into millinery? Seriously.

I actually liked the historic silhouette of Bert and Viktor’s dress. I thought the scale of the bodice print was good for the size of the project. Curtains? hmm… Not in my house. I would love 15 yards of that skirt fabric!

Most Wearable: aaaaaah! Ask me next week. Wait? Didn’t I say that last week?

This week’s lessons to {re}learn:

1.) Never go on a reality TV show if you want to be a designer.

2.) Even if you’re dressing long legged stilt walkers, you still need to remember it’s silhouette, proportion and fit. But you must be heavy on proportion. And avoid circus outfits at all costs. e’hem

3.) Despite Bryce’s assertion, you can be a self taught designer if you’re motivated, study the books design students study and practice, practice, practice. Being “self taught” is just homeschooling for adults. Child or adult, you get out of it what you put into it. There’s no shame in being self taught, especially if you’re good at what you do.

What did you think the outcome would be? Were you looking towards fabulous circus costume or long legged couture that could be shrunk for the common woman?