Resource Round Up – 3.12.2011

Melinda and I finished the Meg Dress project this week. Well, almost. I have to tear out the hem because I put it in backwards, but I’ll deal with that later today. Photos to come!

Some of my favorite fashion and sewing finds…

On the Bookshelf

I’ve been looking for a be all-end all sewing reference for the basic apparel sewing class I’m teaching this fall. While just about any basic sewing book you pick up for reference will work, some are much better than others.

Being a DK fan, I discovered The Complete Book of Sewing at our local library. I love it for it’s vivid photos and descriptions. I wanted it for the class. When I went to purchase it, I found it’s no longer in print and going for $150 on Amazon. Ouch. Next!

After some poking, I found The Sewing Book by Alison Smith, also published by DK. The library was gracious to purchase it for their collection and give me first look. I love it!

The Sewing Book is thicker and more complete than the original book and includes a few projects, unlike the first. The Sewing Book has instructions for “extra” techniques like smocking and other gingerbread, as well as mending. Because the illustrations are actual photographs, the instructions are easy to understand.

If you happen to find the original Complete Book of Sewing second hand for a reasonable price, it’s worth owning. The second, because it’s more complete, will definitely end up on my bookshelf. It will also be my first recommendation for all future sewing students.

Pleasing Projects and Other Eye Candy

I’ve found that I look better in some necklines than others. This piece at She’s in Fashion is a great comparison for necklines and face shapes.

Need a cute gift for your group of sewing gals? These cookies are adorable!

I laughed when I read the title, but really, this is something to ponder: How do I look cute while hiking?

I absolutely adore these 1920s snippets from Casey. And I’m not a 1920s kinda gal.

Sites to Visit

Ruffles and Stuff is one of those blogs that has a treasure trove for archives. Her tutorials are especially sweet!

There is a nifty online pattern community. At Burda Style you can find free patterns that can be used for personal application and some are even commercial friendly if you want to create things to sell on Etsy.


Did you find anything particularly interesting or fabulous this week? Please share!

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Until next week… Happy Sewing!